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My Tribe Your Tribe – Imposter

Laois Ireland originating indie-rocker George Mercer’ project MY TRIBE YOUR TRIBE is talking to us. With ‘Imposter’, the intrinsic level of being ‘truthful’ to ourselves comes off with blatant clarity and severity. But empathy is at the behest of this scintillating and subtle indie offering. From the technically modern and upbeat melancholy, to the bare walled DIY lyrical exercise, the mix of shimmering synth and positive guitar play, the song is a triumph in the summation of small victories. Your personal victories. Our personal victories. George said: “I wanted to play with that kind of contradiction or duality in songwriting where the music is feel-good and almost technicoloured but there is an different, darker reality to the lyrics.” Tru-dat.

Ē – Afraid Of The Ocean

Off of their EP called ‘ĒP’, the band named Ē brings single ‘Afraid Of The Ocean’. The band started when Ingvild Nærum and Chiara Cavallari got together and said, “Alright. Let’s have a go.” Joining them recently has been musician and songwriter Sigrun Sæbø Åland, and with the trio completing the lineup, they aimed to bring bright indie-rock nostalgia to the plains of music. And they do with this single. Ingvild Nærum explained: “Our aim is to explore things from a new perspective through our lyrics. Instrumentally, we just try to run with what feels cool and exciting, and even a bit silly.” Cheeky licks, tongue-in-cheek vibes, and a whole lot of chops, cast this new surf-rock band from Oslo a feel that is unique and certainly entertaining.

Ben Fox Smith – Farsi

BEN FOX SMITH is a character and a half. A soul for whom life experience has been as thick as chocolate pudding, and a musical heart that beats as strong as it’s ever have. With a wit for irony and eyes for the ‘absurdities’ of life, he continues to do his own thang, when and how he pleases. And that’s the draw that Ben has been cultivating and disseminating to his fans all these years. The veteran rocker of Serefin and Stony Sleep, his career began in earnest from the tender age of 17 with big contracts and tours. With his current personal, one man project, he instills, of himself, why he’d started making music and never deviates. ‘Farsi’ is the latest in a string of unique and affectionately poignant songs. ‘Farsi’ is off of his latest album ‘Ysb8’, which is available now. Always otherworldly and melancholically positive, ‘Farsi’ is a derivative and a wholesome requisite to a nice and sunny day.

pacific echoes – Breathe Your Air

‘Breathe Your Air’ is an atmosphere. All the way up in the clouds, your vision for this night – this evening – this reality – turns with delight, like cookie dough in a mixer of love and infatuation. The colors overwhelm you as you dance to the contrasts of your life and what had been your past. Power in understatement is where pacific echoes’ ‘Breathe Your Air’ resides. “I wanted to write something with a really powerful/sudden chorus that contrasted with a steady groove in the verse and quickly rearranged lyrics from a different song I threw away. It’s about encountering a clairvoyant figure that is a compilation of our memories and has experienced all of our unfulfilled dreams. For a brief moment, we get to sojourn everywhere and see everything we always wanted. And then it’s all over before we can truly remember it, but we’re left in a glow of content.” pacific echoes is Ross Drake, Nick Sheldon, and TravDaddy Verdier. Look for their latest EP later this year.

Dramalove – Lady Macbeth

‘Lady Macbeth’ is DRAMALOVE’s single that is metal opera to the max. Risilient and a total thoroughfare, the lyrically delightful hard-rock just resonates with glee as you start to rock out. Think of MUSE with a darker tinge, and there you have ‘Lady Macbeth’. And also, ‘Lady Macbeth’ rhymes with lady death. And when word play like this is mixed with such expert play, you can’t help but enjoy its underlying goodness. Don’t mind us. We’re weird. But one thing’s for sure. The brothers of Diego Soncin and Riccardo Soncin – joined by Neil Davey on drums is no joke. Listen to their other offerings and you’ll feel what we felt.


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