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MYMYMY // Union Duke // Ocie Elliott // Zebra Troop // Kabinyo

MYMYMY – Stare

Conrad van Breda and Jana Oosthuizen have been making music together in various states of consciousness for 6 years in and around Cape Town. Premise of this song? “Synth Pop Aliens return to their hometown to discover nothing has changed – they still fall head over heals in love with strangers in the aisles of cheap Supermarkets.” Whoa. Baked beans and sausages never tasted so good. Oh, and MYMYMY’s single is the sausage, by the by. Full flavor, 80’s, vibin’, Blondie-like indefinability takes into account with ‘Stare’. Deep mind crunch, and grooves of past decades, collide into a kaleidoscope of extra possibilities. But at times, the trepidation of hope and callous, also, come together in this oddly attractive arrangement. And there, you feel un-eased by your feeling of glee, when listening to it. The glow from the song never sounds so prevalent and so significant. The succinct attitudes, hit all the right spots, at the right time, as to say, “where have you been all this time?”. Mystery indeed. But the good news is that we’re here together on this holy of moments. Let’s enjoy MYMYMY’s unique symbolisms.

Union Duke – Atlas Of Love

Union Duke is a raucous collision of alt-rock and twang, bringing crowds to their feet with songs from the heart. Toronto based band made of Ethan Smith, Jim McDonald, Matt Warry-Smith, Will Staunton, and Rob McLaren is a refreshing trip back to the best examples of the past. But the distinctive vibe that comes off of the song ‘Atlas Of Love’ is beautiful in its simplicity, its attention to history, and inevitable vibrance. Soaring harmonies, driving rhythm, and infectious enthusiasm have seen these five guys from youth to young manhood. Bridging soulful indie rock with bluegrass and country, the group belts out soaring harmonies with three, four and even five voices. The songs are irresistible, the perfect fit for the heatwave of the dance hall or the cool breeze of the park.

Ocie Elliott – Thinking About You

Euphoric west coast, indie-folk duo Ocie Elliott share “Thinking About You,” a new single off an upcoming project releasing in early 2020. Jon Middleton (of Jon & Roy) and Sierra Lundy said of the song: ““The strength love has can keep someone living and breathing in your head forever – as long as the love stays in you, that person will too.” Their unique blend of contemporary and indie folk music is influenced by artists such as Gillian Welch, Simon & Garfunkel and Angus and Julia Stone, and born of the natural landscape of Canada’s wild west coast. Indeed. Their voices intertwine, in fact, like the tragic love that we’d always wanted in our day-to-day lives. A supple connotation of beauty and reality, wrapped into a gorgeous mahogany ballad. See them next @ Avalanche Bar and Grill – Courtenay BC, November 18th.

Zebra Troop – Tensions

Zebra Troop is a Alternative/Pop Rock group from Arlington, Texas founded by Brandon Shephard. Poetry is at the exact middle of what this project offers. Zebra Troop gains attraction with its 70’s synths, entertaining with the likely ideas of Men At Work, Midnight Oil, and Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Britsh-punk vibe drips out of ZT and shows you new and exciting angles for your mind to absorb. Brandon’s unique take on music seeps through to all of his singles, and successfully shows off the black gold that exists in them hills. Brandon, during his high school years Brandon started making beats and recorded his first of 3 Hip-Hop/Rap albums (Strickly Financial, Freshman Class and Alter Ego’s) as Sheph Boi. Zebra Troop’s newest LP ‘Invasion’ is unique, scintillating, and something you really have to listen to. We’re in.

Kabinyo – Vogue

Following up his latest EP ‘Emotions’, a 6 song trip into hyper drones and beats, Kabinyo shares his single ‘Vogue’. A more EDM vibe, alt-trip hop vision, the art-neauveau-esque delight comes with beats and airy suspensions. The realities are exacted by city-pop feelz, both in pastel and primary, delivering in the instances of the new and bold. Big ambitions, delivered in a nicely packaged synth alteration, indeed.


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