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Mystery Friends // Zach Kleisinger // Ludic // Still // Drainer

Mystery Friends – See Right Through

Jumpin’ and fun, MYSTERY FRIENDS’ single ‘See Right Through’ is a song you should get acquainted. Washington DC rooted band just goes at it with full force in sultry vibes and variety of sounds making skillz. Woozy guitars, and delectable vocals gear each note to fit right into that square head of your mind’s eye. And when it does, it just makes sense of what you’d been missing out on. Danceable as always, and honest in their presentation, the wonderfully beautiful band keeps it real. Check out their latest album ‘Past And Future Self’ now.

Zach Kleisinger – You Should Hold Me

Canadian singer/songwriter Zach Kleisinger’s deep vocals, drenched with the sweat of sorrow, is contrasted by the gorgeous lyrics of his presentation. Like a friendly shoulder to hold and lean up against, Zach’s single ‘You Should Hold Me’ is a struggle in self loathing and maybe…just maybe a way out of that exact personal detriment. A journey of hope and possibilities come up to the fore with Zach’s anthemic slow understanding of plights and circumstances. Zach stated about his 2018 debut EP: “I think that’s how the recording of these songs began, in that they grew out of a feeling that something inside of me was no longer. I look at it now and see that I had a collection of small crises building on top of one another. I came to a point where there wasn’t much around that I trusted. By consequence of this though, there was not much that I was worried about losing, and I think this made for an expressive recording.” ‘You Should Hold Me’ is a follow up that does more than justice.

Ludic – 2 Myself

Groove and spacial positivity is what LUDIC is all about. Nu-disco blooming Vancouver originating band brings the variations of song construction as they hope to give us all of the excuses to fall in love and to have some fun at the same time. The organic vibe of the scintillating lyrics drive you up the wall, all in the right ways and inconsolable happiness. Ayla, Max, Rhett makes up LUDIC and you can’t help but get up and dance to ‘2 Myself’.

Still – Divinity

From the woods of The Cure-like vengeance, the words flow out of the project named STILL. ‘Divinity’ is a nostalgic vibe dream, new-wave pop that just sustains with a resonance of a thousand Radiohead mood songs. A sultry and delectable shimmy in melancholic, love-soaked coming of age song just keeps filling your sole with the outlook for the future you deserve. Made up of Daniel McDonough, Adrian Johnson, Julian Johnson, and Wesley Wheeler, STILL is the band you’d dreamed of when all things seemed unattainable. Keep you nose up; be strong. ‘Divinity’ will drive up the sanity and we’ll be atoned for all of the negativity. And then, we’ll live once more. STILL makes that happen. Look out for this intriguing band in their upcoming debut EP.

Drainer – Ennui in Texas

‘Creature’ is their first album. The power of it is immense. And if you happened to not have been alive in the 90’s grunge era, this is a chance for you to feel that hybrid of alternative rock and experimental grunge/garage fascination you’d heard of before. DRAINER retains that essence to a perfection that is rare. From mix to representation, the trio of rockers, makes it so very easy to dial into their honesty and instrumental expertise. The thrust of the song ‘Ennui In Texas’ is angsty, hyper, attainable, galactic in its vibe ridden carcass. The 11 track album is filled with varieties in grunge-rock pop and stardust. And in its catalog of hard hitting singles, you’re driven to repeat after repeat, after repeat. Live shows? Bangers, we imagine.


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