MYY. ‘Snow Bell’ : No amount of extra notes are necessary. Perfectly weighed revelry.


‘Snow Bell’ is a beautifully choreographed exultation of emotions, fully visible and gorgeously played by Hiroshi Kambara.

Japanese post-rock band MYY. delivers introspection to another level, with no words. But with the perfectly weighed outcomes of chords and notes, progressing towards that peak of the mountain we all long to conquer.

With guitar and drums to formulate a response to Hiroshi’s demands to his project, no amount of extra notes are necessary in ‘Snow Bell’. Your skin shivers with feelings. A pronouncement of heart, angst, victory, comes to fruition in a cinematic kind of revelry in those steel wound strings.

The song is on a 4 track split EP with Gargle. After several shows played together, including a joint tour in Taiwan, the 2 bands came together to start working on the split EP. In addition to original tracks by each band, the EP sees the 2 bands cover each other’s music.

The finely crafted collection of uplifting and introspective soundscapes feature tranquil and roaring sequences that makes the split EP feel like a single art piece.

Beautiful. Indeed.


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