N I T E F I S H ‘Stainless Cashmere’ : Warped images and sounds, whirling in revelry.


With the title taken from an unreleased play set in an abandoned supermarket, where captives are forced to regurgitate commercial slogans or face execution, Stainless Cashmere continues N I T E F I S Hs philosophy of appropriating neoliberal symbols and weaponizing them, turning the excess of vacation commercials into atonal dance beats and coca cola slogans into absurdist stream of consciousness lyrics.

Reflecting the broad following of art punks, techno-heads and indie kids that have started to coalesce around N I T E F I S H through explosive live performances at both late night open airs in the forests of Stockholm and sweaty basement venues around Dublin, the artist enacts an eclectic mix of styles, drawing as much from experimental hip hop and punchy gabber beats as post-punk and no wave; with instrumentals made from the warped images and sounds of a private jet commercial.


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