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Nadine – ‘Oh My’ (Album)

On January 26th, that thing happened: Nadine’s album ‘Oh My’ dropped. Significant? Well, yea. Because the expectation from the latest offering from Nadine was that it was going to knock the socks off of our sensible, and often times, cold feet.

And it does.

The promise we assumed from the new album was of the supportive hands of one’s girlfriend, through your hair, when reading together in the living room. ‘Oh My’ is that comfort, care, and love – felt and appreciated. At that moment, all senses pause, just relying on the vast radiation in that basic of human habits.

Porcelain banister, sounds of wrought feelings and emotions, makes what Nadine – should be and is. The soothing righteousness in the make-up of their songs’ constructions, draws one in, stroking the ego – daring one to think differently.

The selection of songs demonstrate the comfortably stretched abilities of the group, exhausting loudly by silently and in demure fashion, their take on the world. Sonically the tracks are combinations of pop, experimental, folk lyrics, and synth possibilities.

And all those different dimensions are touched and glued, by the vocals of Nadia. Sweet, concerned, understanding, and relentless (in its caresses)- her voice takes our hands and lifts them – softly touching, her cheeks, in virtual note-for-note synchronicity.

“Carlos and I were given a sandbox to play in but the parameters of the sandbox were defined by Nadia every time…it was pretty clear when we were going the right direction, and when we weren’t.”

Falling in love, is natural, with this project. If you do too, it’s ok. It’s a common symptom, we found out.

We’re still not over it.

Nadine is a project made up of Nadia Hulett (part of the loose collective phantom posse), Julian Fader, and Carlos Hernandez (both of ava luna), and it touches minds, hearts, probabilities.


Anywho, Kudos, Nadine. Kudos.

The album is a tremendous effort and fabulous entertainment.

‘Oh My’ is available now from the folks at, Father/Daughter Records (US) and Memphis Industries (UK).


Tracks List:

  • Nook
  • Ultra Pink
  • Plinth
  • Not My Kinda Movie
  • New Step
  • That Neon Sign
  • Pews
  • Contigo
  • Little Self In The Garden
  • Can t Be Helped
  • Peace In The Valley


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