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Nadine Shah – Yes Men

Nadine Shah’s Yes Men protrudes excessively into the unknown, spearheaded by the unique and powerfully articulated vocals. It makes one shiver. It makes one give attention. Electively, attractively, cautiously – all melding into a sub-dermal glorious experience.

Yes. We got shivers when first listening to Yes Men.

No. Amend that. We got shivers listening to the first bar of the song.

Shah’s vocals is the vehicle. The lyrics are on the ride to a better place. The delivery system is nuclear. It will detonate in the first sequence.

And you’ll like it.

Touch me, hinder me, bother me, annoy me, touch me.
Make me familiar, comfortable, un-comfortable, frustrated.

I miss you, I know you, don’t come, I will.
Discover me, again.

Nadine is a find. Her song tactics are pungent with floral bombs, and makes one feel ‘one’ with her.

It’s a chant. It’s a chant. It’s a chant.

All culminates to her style, the weird lyrics, tact, and gloriously ravaged sense of self – just fantastic.

We really dig this song, and Nadine.

And we think you should too.

She’s rep’ed by 1965 Records, in London. Check ’em both!



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