Nagoon ‘Lost In Translation’ : Lost chances, bringing bolder ambitions to light.

Nagoon / Photo: Samuel Zakrisson

“‘Lost In Translation’ is about discovering that pretty much everything in life is pretty arbitrary,” said the band. “That everything that happens doesn’t always fit into some grandiose plan laid out just for you. Things just happen sometimes and it’s okay. The rhythms of the song were something that just happened.”

Luleå-based guitar pop band Nagoon’s indie pop single is the first single from the band’s upcoming debut album.

Formed around a whim and friendship in 2014, the band released their debut EP ‘Elim’ in 2018. Delivering shine and luster to their own vision of music, ‘Lost In Translation’ continues the decadent, bedroom angst, for and of love.

Made up of Isak Sidestam, Sebastian Hellis and Erik Antti, the core trio in ‘Lost In Translation’ berates the whims of the emotionally sullen, kickin back the possibilities of lost time and misinterpretation, which cascaded a domino effect of feelings unrequited.

In this single, and apology of sorts, emerges, as the narration depicts something that could have been for the better.

Lost chances, bringing bolder ambitions to light.

Their mate Jonathan Dimeus, completes their lineup for live explosions of sight and sound.

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