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Naomi Westwater Shares ‘Bloodlust – Single Version’. Stay Wild. Go For What You Want.

Whoa. ‘Bloodlust’ is a song that is what you want when, in an ideal world, you’re in a potential relationship. Yes. That relationship that you lust after or fantasize over. We sure have had that kind of thought, here and there. Because, inherently, working out a life with a significant other is difficult sometimes.

Authoritarian dictation. That’s what you want sometimes.

A wild and eternally focused and hypnotic kind of relationship – from the first to last.

That’s what NAOMI WESTWATER’s dynamic soul cranking single is all about. And she’s bleeding you dry of your senses and turning you to the other side of the gulf.

What a performer Naomi is. You can feel it in her expressions (the way she expresses) in her lyrics. Imagine her on the stage singing this song.

Whoa is right.

We’d be ‘afraid’ and at the same time ‘tantalized’ and certainly seduced by her.

The Massachusetts native is currently on Disrupción Records and we know why. As we’d mentioned she must be a fabulous draw for live sessions. And certainly, her fans, would feel the same way we do about her performance.

She’s a powerhouse in that sense, and from what we know, not many things can stop her momentum. Sold out shows, fab performances, seductive musings from her taunting vocals – can’t really go wrong.

Her upcoming album ‘Huntress’ drops this summer.



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