NAR ‘Out of Space’ : Our heart is the existential. Our heart is the space we make it to be.


“For me it is not space as in the universe. For me it’s the spaces in which we live and interact with life. The emotionally spaces that are unknown to us at first, but which we learn to know and live with as we get older, and they are the ones we float in and out of. But in that sense the dark and unknown universe, is a perfect analogy and the spacecraft-ish soundscape fits that, I think. What the two others draws from the lyrics is up to them entirely.”

Frederik and Karl’s efforts on kin, kindly asserts with exterior whims of doubts and certainties. ‘Out of Space’ is the mix in collage – of negatives and positives – of living and surviving. The mechanism for what we are, and why we struggle so, clings with the mighty anvil of preservation and personal truths.

Nailed with the righteous indignation, of purge in sorrow – from all the space available – our definition is catered within just a fist sized heart and of emotions.

Our heart is the existential. Our heart is the space we make it to be.

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