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narou – Prophecy (ft. Hannah Jenkins)

narou returns with a dagger to the heart emotive single ‘Prophecy’. Vocalist Hannah Jenkins stated: “I wrote ‘Prophecy’ at a time when I was letting my own sense of self get clouded by other people’s expectations or definitions of yourself – whether it’s a romantic partner or even friends and family. Once you let go of that, get in touch with your own currency and give yourself unconditional love, that’s where the magic lives for real.” narou added: “…Our voices fit together perfectly. The Idea for the Lyrics were to answer to Hannahs cry for love. Saying that no one involved really knows whats going on and that both sides seem confused and hesitant over what to do with their feelings. We hope people resonate with it and see a way out of their own patterns of destructive thinking…And yeah we want people to be nice to themselves and identify and own their own beauty.” Berlin based and Vienna born narou can show destruction in the gentlest of notes. It’s the cliff’s edge before all hell can break loose. Hannah’s voice calms the seas, with a virtual kiss of harmony and affection.

Bryony Dunn – I Can’t Look Away

21 year-old singer/songwriter BRYONY DUNN’s delivery of effervescence, beneath the angst felt by lovers of unknown equations. The unique take on modern pop and story telling is the focus of Bryony and her songs, which describes interesting bindings of relationships, with others and within. “It’s about finding someone that brings out the best in you and accepts the bits you would rather not acknowledge.” And can that ‘someone’ start with you – the best of your being and inner strength? Maybe. But it’s the start of a better relationship in ‘I Can’t Look Away’ that is so delicious.

VEE 303 – Wounded

VEE 303 is art. She embodies the succulent morsels of our tender layers of self-indulgence and pulls it gently inside-out. The dedicated pop songstress, digs deep with sultry pop elements, revolving hooks, and sensibilities of out-of-this-world propulsive iridescence. Combining pop, trip and future, she engrosses the artifacts into r&b atmospherics, denoting frailties – denouncing palpable losses. She grinds our hearts into little red pellets, seducing our brains with undeniable revelry and self-delusion of our being. It’s a reminder by VEE 303, of our past, our realities, and our potential. She’s based in Berlin. She will be your future.

Moglebaum – Over Me

The Cologne based band MOGLEBAUM insists at dealing our hearts with delectable instrumentalisms, dashed with jazz hip-tronics, and pop drenched fantasticals of cosmic vocals and nonchalance. And we just don’t know what to do with ourselves. The 5 piece band, founded by producer Moglii, consists of Franziska Geiß (Vocalist), Alessandro Fama (Co-Production & Samples), Jonas Geyersberger (Saxophone & Loopstation), and Michael Kemkes (Drums). Mixing acoustical and electro noise benders, the stash of sparkles consistently anoint the band’s singles, delighting and focusing.

Laura Lee Lovely – Lights Down

‘Light’s Down’ is LAURA LEE LOVELY’s latest efforts to dig deep into our emotions, with dreamy rhythms and infinite harmonies. The synth-pop songstress, we feel, has the goods to explode, as her previous works just show so much shine and raw talent for imagination. Of course, it’s not only us who feel that way. Her fans have been digging her songs for a while since her debut EP in 2017, and now, it is time – the time to participate in the way she know how: kick-butt on an International stage, as a headliner. Her debut album will be dropping in 2019, and we can’t wait to see what she’d done. We’re looking forward to even more innovative qualities, highlighted in crystals.


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