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narou & James Chatburn – Oblivious

What is the definition of ‘decadence’? At the moment, it’s defined by narou & James Chatburn’s single ‘Oblivious’. Simple as that. With James’ creamy r&b/soul vocals displacing all of your worries to the wind, Vienna born producer/singer-songwriter narou makes this fabulous single come to life and then some. Complex and detailed layers, meld beautiful percussions with synth rationalisms unto this glancing chill-house effects, that is delicious. The lyrics depict the situations between realms of gray, in an unsure and unpredictable relationship.

Maw – Year After Year (feat. Kinnie Lane)

MAW’s ‘Year After year’ will get you dancing. Featuring Kinnie Lane, the French singer/songwriter “talks about finding love and it’s evolving nature”. This energetic electro-pop offing never tails off in any other distractions. The moody tones, colorfully shimming, and exemplary in exclamation with deep bass on call, it kicks your body into the next gear. The Los Angeles producer has shot his first salvo across the bow, and the journey begins wit this exciting single, ready to be added to your rotation.

Reynier – Lukewarm (feat. KESMAR)

REYNIER’s single ‘Lukewarm’ featuring KESMAR is that song you needed today. It’s the start of the week, and you weren’t feeling strong. Emotions shot, mental attitude stinking, bodily vibe not shining – you’re in trouble. But REYNIER is here to help you hang that coat of disillusionment on to that hook. Let’ it go. Let’s dance, instead. You, the aura, the pangs of instigation for the lights that make this life better. It’s yours to take. Hope is in the air when ‘Lukewarm’ is upon us. That new relationship will be your soon. Let the fading, fade out.

FINNEAS – Claudia

FINNEAS is the project of Finneas O’Connell. The brother of Billie Eilish, he’s been in the game from the get go, both in his musical career and Billie’s singing career. With his single ‘Ocean Eyes’ (which Billie performed at her early YouTube days), solidifying the sibling’s new career paths, FINNEAS keeps on sharpening his talents as an integral part all their musical ambitions. FINNEAS’ songs and its lyrics are dynamic, understated, resolute, and complex, as the turns on emotions and personality are meshed together lovingly, the quality of the words flow immaculately. The songs are honest, and open, ‘Claudia’ is his love song about his real life girlfriend Claudia Sulewski. Finneas wrote the first verse on the night he’d first met her, compelled and overcome with the epiphany. In trouble, in love, forever.

Trevor Myall – One Way Ticket

Off of his debut EP ‘One Way Ticket’, TREVOR MYALL’s single brings pleasure to another state of excitement. In this debut project, Trevor’s yearning vocals distract none, as his modern singer/songwriter lyrics about love and emotions, stirs at a journey of self-discovery. A journey is taken one step at a time, and when uncertainties of that new path lingers at the corner of your mind, you realize how there’s nothing else you’d rather do, than what you are doing right now. Nothing’s going to change that. It cannot be changed. Because it’s what you are, in this realm of life. Taking it all in, is what ‘Once Way Ticket’ is about.


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