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Nat & Jono // Joey Walker // Beachglass // Marlene Oak // Scott Bison

Nat & Jono – Constellations

Based in New Zealand, NAT & JONO are an amalgamation of beautiful habits of misty dew in the morning and the feelings of young hearts melting in the wake of an extraordinary life to come. And in that sense, the music the duo offers, display that exact aura and effervescence. The innocence of finding a way towards the future, is what NAT & JONO brings. And to many, the songs with beautiful acoustics and vocal melodies, resonate with each palpable beat of our nostalgic emotions. The duo had been making music together since they were 7 years old. Now 17 years old, the two are set to debut with their upcoming EP ‘We Can Only Laugh’ in 2019.

Joey Walker – On Top

Urges are a management issue sometimes. Urges makes us be petulant, or serious, or driven, or fervent. Sometimes it’s the combination of all. It is an interesting thought to what kind of person we could be, if the ideal environment could be made. And in ‘On Top’, JOEY WALKER seeks out a question that is in his mind – of human impulses, of our habitual suppression of those ideal urges. “This is probably my most autobiographical song on the album,” explained Joey. “No–I haven’t murdered anyone, but I could’ve foreseen myself on a similar path if I gave into my sexual desires in a violent way like the character of the song. Even though the character ends up a murderer, he’s hardly to blame and easy to empathize with, maybe like Aileen Wuornos.” Whoa. That’s good stuff. Let this dream-haze guitar driven narration, peak your interests. We all deserve it. Joey’s new upcoming album ‘Supersoft’ is on its way.

Beachglass – Let Me Go

Montreal based band BEACHGLASS is scrumptious. If you take the psychedelic pop of the Mama’s & The Papas, with an 80’s pop of the Bangles (if they did folk), then let the heat build up, then ultimately you have a band called BEACHGLASS. Andrea Cormier’s voice is to die for. And when you put it together with her mates Adam Nicoll, Alexandra Khalimonova and Kevin Smith’s works, the combination is that date with that gorgeous girl you’d fallen head over heals for, out of the blue. There’s nothing you’d not do for her affection.

Marlene Oak – In The Evening

MARLENE OAK is that walk in slow motion, with the one you love. Her voice is your expression that you just didn’t know how to express. Marlene’s songs are the kisses he gives you, just out of the blue, with a longing and loving gaze. It melts your heart. It melts your inhibitions. It draws you into a safer place of mind and body. The Swedish crooner, singer/songwriter, seeks to keep the sleeves thick with emotions and help us all to be more honest with them. ‘In The Evening’ is another beautiful, lyrical journey from Marlene.

Scott Bison – Under the Night Sky

The chorus is where it’s at. Razor riffs, cutting sass, unrelenting and brooding vocals – ‘Under The Night Sky’ sets itself apart from the rest, as it drives up with a Porsche like rev, in a western-like sunset. SCOTT BISON’s empathetic, and indulgent vocals deluge your mind, as you’re hit with a wave of guitar satisfaction. The traditionally set piece is the 4th track from the Columbu, Ohio based artist’s debut album set to drop Spring of 2019.


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