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Nat Vazer Shares ‘You’re Winning Me Over’. “Strong, Confident, Sarcastic”.

NAT VAZER’s ‘You’re Winning Me Over’ is the story of what things happen sometimes in life, as we know it. The ironic methods of how the some passions of life comes over to play, can be ironic and tragic. When we say tragic, it’s not an end of the world, but it’s tragic, just for that pure second of your life. It’s that one second that gives you that skip in that heartbeat of yours.

Yea. Each second counts in some way.

It’s a harsh world, sometimes.

Love shouldn’t be. But most of the time, IS.

Anywho, listen to this shoegazey dream rock that is ‘You’re Winning Me Over’. Nat’s vocals, to simply put it, are demonstrably attractive, strong, confident, sarcastic. The guitars on this particular single is ripe, straight-forward, and darn charming (especially the solo).

It’s a fabulous single.

And it’s a fabulous choice for your next addition to your song rotation.



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