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Natalie Sandtorv – Freedom Nation

“The chaos, the disembowelment, the resolute and beautiful kill.” Natalie Sandtorv’s Freedom Nation is that act – that act of sacrifice, that sacrificing of that body, the mind, the soul. Twisting and concave, the lines don’t make sense. Only Sandtorv makes sense in this universe.

Couldn’t get enough.

Of Sandtorv, her voice, the lyrics – the madness.

It’s the insanity that oozes out of our normal and ordinary bodies.

‘Freedom Nation’ is that siphon, held strong and long – breath in, there it comes.

It comes out and soon will nourish, and feed the excommunicated disturbance.

Come together with me, it is the act of acting.
Trial and error, error to forge.
The lasting involvement, of the chemical love.
Make love to me, make love to us.
Together, hand in hand.

What can we say.

It was torture listening to the song. And we listened to it many, many times.

But it’s the good kind of torture.

Just made us confoundedly twist our joints in weird ways.

At the same time, twisted our senses in direction we hadn’t and never thought they could in reality.

What we mean is that the song is infections.

The vocals are young, AND old; naive AND mature.

It was a ‘conundrum’, for sure.

But the enjoyment and excitement was evident.

In Sandtorv’s own words:

“Freedom Nation is a diverse musical soundscape that gets your body, mind and soul going”.

Yea. That’s an understatement.

Kudos, Natalie. Kudos.

You’ve made us needing Pilates classes, for we sure enjoyed the acrobatics from your song.

The beautifully talented Natalie Sandtorv is rep’ed by Øra Fonogram.

She’s originally from Norway, working out of Copenhagen, Denmark currently.



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