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Natalie Shay – Yesterday

The 20 year old from London keeps her pedal to the metal, with this latest offering ‘Yesterday’. The bejeweled singer/songwriter with much accolade from supporters and peers, the artist has found an impressive following and has charted to success. She recently played the Royal Albert Hall, as well as BBC Radio in London showing off her talents for many more to hear. Her vocal clarity and confidence, exudes relevance, which ‘talks’ clearly and definitively to the masses with zeal, poise, and empathy. 2019 should be another fabulous year for the songstress, with the most-ess. Her first headline show is on February 2nd at Thousand Island.

M’Lynn – T.F.I.L

M’Lynn is indeed, M’Lynn Musgrove. And her transformative vocals and delicious musical affection, dowses every part of your body with warmth and feelings of power. The power of love, that is, and it pushes the boundaries of ballads and r&b/pop to clarity…a self induced decadence in clarity. By closing your eyes, ‘T.F.I.L’ takes you out to the sea of the bubbling riots of your soul, as the Dallas Texas based artist re-adjusts your knowledge of what reality can be. As she keeps writing and performing, even through her current days in college, it’s expected that her growth and expanse of her musical talents will surpass her own horizons. Things for her have just begun.

Snazzy Phade – The Weekend

SNAZZY PHADE returns with ‘The Weekend’ and as we’d experienced Adam Bennett’s project through his single ‘Someone To Hold’, this single continues that contradictory emotions a relationship often permits, with gusto and emission of triumph. There’s no quit in SP’s lyrics, as they delve into his own perspectives on love, loss, and all that is between. As we’d said in another review “That touch to the heart, her skin, her mind – the one that silences you, in the middle of your sentence”, is still the point of his singles. The downright banal; but oh so Universal.

Robot Plant – Battle Lines

“Just tryin’ something different,” stated ROBOT PLANT. The project’s undisputed owner is Andrew Kaulkin, and he’s here to serve you something delectable and juicy. But at the same time, he knows ‘Battle Lines’ is something that needs to grow on you. It sure grows on you though. From a thousand miles above, it is quirky, refreshing, and serendipitous. From an arm’s length away, the song is powerfully jazzy, powerfully poignant, and understatedly brilliant. The rock framed lyrics, broken down to r&b foundation, Andrew’s sensibilities for the profound lives neatly between the chiseled cracks of the gray folds. Listen. Absorb. Let it speak to you. It will, surely.

Niko Javan – THUNDER

NIKO JAVAN. What can we say about this artist? First, he’s turned us into a bubbling idiot with the colors he inserts into his music. Second, his song’s pop attention is a mix of 3-4 genres at the least. Lastly, ‘Thunder’ is a cautionary tale of what can happen in an illegal experiment, fully funded with genius tendencies unfettered to greatness. You heard right: “Unfettered”. Niko is Miami born, and has this thing called ‘musical talent’ that just pours out of his, well, pours. The electronica and deep tropical rhythms, reflect back and forth fortuitously with vigor, to ring that part of your solid icy heart. Where, quite quickly, you’re melted defense against the world you deem to blame, shines in a new glow of delight. That’s what ‘Thunder’ does – inconspicuously, and positively. It sneaks up on you. You just realized you’re on the floor, dancing. What a world. Oh the music video is trippy. Be fore warned.

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