Natalie Shay ‘Naked’ : Beautiful pop that is charismatic in all the right ways.

Natalie Shay / Photo: Ellen Offredy

Title track from the debut EP ‘NAKED’ is out now. And with fabulous vibes of and for love, Natalie Shay delivers beautiful pop that is charismatic in all the right ways.

Her classical training and time spent at the prestigious BRIT School, Shay has finessed the ability to produce undeniably catchy music, whilst maintaining a musical maturity. Compared to the likes of Haim, Little Comets and Fickle Friends, the Londoner has absorbed a similar energy and dynamic within her new music.

Natalie said of the single: “This song was written on reflection of a relationship, but more from a perception of understanding rather than a big ‘f*ck you.”

Her five-track release delving into the everyday experiences of a 21 year old, detailing relationships and life as a young musician. Continuing the songwriter’s love of 80’s soaked music, ‘Naked’ cleverly blends the best of era with modern flares.

“I love authentic 80s synth and drum sounds, but I also love modern pop vocal lines and effects. And of course lots of guitars. I try to include a flavour of each of those things in my music. It was very important to me that all of the songs had their own unique stamp and vibe but still all fitted and worked together under the same project.”

The little things of youth and growing up, trickle the down pour of heart and wants. Natalie delivers with expressive truths, we all can feel.


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