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Natalie Walker Shares ‘Last Day’. “New beginnings start with recognizing the past.”

From her newly released EP ‘Evenfall’, comes ‘Last Day’. A sultry walk down a boardwalk of memories, strewn with piano chords and a new-wave vision for what love could have felt.

“I wanna create music that feels like magic. But I had an epiphany that that also translates into having a personal connection to my audience. Knowing them by name and having them in my Patreon community feels like magic. Sharing an unreleased demo, sharing a personal story and hearing their story feels like magic. That’s my driving force.”

The Colorado originating artist keeps her music simple. And the way Natalie presents her wares, the glimpses of past inhibitions, wants, jealousies, frustration, melt away to another corner of memories.

Commitment is a re-hashing of all of those emotional tags that weight you down. From the first relationship to the current, we’re reminded of what was and maybe how thing will continue to be.

But it’s up to you. Recognizing and accepting, then making new promises to yourself, first – that’s where new horizons in a new and wonderful relationship can bloom.

It’s hard.

Natalie makes it a bit easier to start.

Let’s make a promise to try and make it work…till the ‘Last Day’.



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