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Natasha Elise // Nosoyo // Beau Diako // Keiynan Lonsdale // Vana Blu

Natasha Elise – Put Me Through Hell

NATASHA ELISE stated: “My mind never stops processing sounds and words and ideas. Music and lyrics both calm and invigorate me and I have just started to explore what I can do with my voice and my racing mind.” Her upcoming debut EP ‘If You Only Knew’ is a chronicling of a piece of the emotional rollercoaster that is life. Young lives, intertwined in romantic relationships, mixed in anxiety and pain, dwell in the words and presentation. ‘Put Me Through Hell’ is what it is. And the anthem, ‘screams’ softly with the roar that is of hurt hearts and prides. Simple, yet complex thoughts, disseminated through waves of lo-fi rawness and pop aversions.

Nosoyo – Glitter

NOSOYO has already over 9 Million plays on Spotify. ‘Glitter’ by the Berlin-based duo is a succulent difference in alt-pop that kisses with spikes. You have been officially ‘dissed’ as the song is tongue-in-cheek fabulousness, with beautiful tones and colors to boot. The band stated: “‘Glitter’ stands symbolically for any variable of an individual: Nationality, sex, personality, feelings, money, style. Any possible characteristics can be lived and expressed with love and pride – the world could be a better place if each of us celebrated their ‘flaws’!” The ‘f*ck you/I’ll do what I want’ anthem is of self-confidence and retaining that dignified stance. If no one else, than whom? “This song goes out to everyone who is tired of attracting negative people and old fears that keep us small.”

Beau Diako – Buttermilk ft. emawk

British producer/writer and guitarist BEAU DIAKO’s single Buttermilk is that jammin’ r&b framed sultry lyrical ballad that gets your eyes moist and thinking relentlessly for love. Featuring the smooth vocals of emawk, the collaborative effort shows a combined sensibility towards the ambient and subtle delivery. Moods eb and flow from edge to edge, as the colors of the atmosphere quake at the opportunity. Beau said of ‘Buttermilk: “Whilst fairly peaceful throughout, the mood change of the outro is meant to symbolise a snapping back to reality and moving on past nostalgic thoughts.” Added emawk: “I feel like I wrote about leaving, in more ways than one. I heard the track not long after I moved to New York, so I guess it brought the feeling out of me.” Fabulous combo, for the modern scene.

Keiynan Lonsdale – Rainbow Dragon

First thing you feel is “what the heck is going on?!”, when you first listen to KEIYNAN LONSDALE. It’s bludgeoning experience as the single ‘Rainbow Dragon’ crushes your virtual pelvic bone to smithereens, with galactic vocal tension, story telling, and this project’s undeniable attitude. You got relationship problems? Here’s something larger. You have bills to pay? Here’s something to think about. You have a heart that doesn’t want to love anymore? Get in line. Simply, KEIYNAN LONSDALE returns with fire on this single. It builds, sizzles, then embers into that skin of yours. You can’t get rid of it. The bones of this production is 90’s r&b decadence that put the world on notice. In 2019, Keiynan, keeps that fire burning.

Vana Blu – Lonely Boy

We humans survive when things get tough. And one of the things that happen, in order to survive, is to convince our body and mind that the ‘hurt’ that is constant is the ‘norm’. You see this happen with everyone, in any age group. Tolerance for the ‘pain’ becomes surreal and your whole becomes numb to it. A shield had been erected for protection. At least until the impending threat to the ‘reasonable’ existence can be reset. In relationships, we do the same. And VANA BLU’s single ‘Lonely Boy’, he describes the ‘hurt’ that was afflicted. A calm numbness coats the life of the now singular soul. Broken and desperate, ‘Lonely Boy’ describes the ending of a relationship, when doubts start to nibble at what ‘could have been’. You get numb, willing to forget. Another wall had been built. Will there be another love again? Lovely expression from Vana Blu, keeps this slow banger, moving towards that light.


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