Natasha Johanna – Rope

Natasha Johanna’s Rope is a beautiful folk song, with an interestingly delicious intro with a flute. Yes, we fell in love with those first 5 flute notes. Why? It took us into a 1970’s type of movie and gave us a feeling that the movie was of a coming-of-age teenage girl, with a promising life ahead.

Weird huh?

Well, notes like we mentioned, sets an important tone for the listener (which was us), and it formed the narrative and direction. We think Natasha’s production set a precedent which shackled our ears and didn’t let go until we wanted to write something about her work.

It’s a delight to find folk singer/songwriters for us at CHF, and whenever that happens, we submerge ourselves in their bath of tranquility and narrations. We just regret finding about her work, bit later in the game.

But we dig this song and Natasha’s execution. Hope to hear more productions from her, in the near future.


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