Nate Qi ‘First Love’ (Video) : About him, his life, his family, and his fiber of existence on this crust of earth and memories.

Nate Qi

From the latest LP, ‘Elementary Love’, NYC’s own Nate Qi brings sultry convictions through single ‘First Love’.

“I wrote ‘First Love’ while crying on a subway car,” said Nate Qi. “That day, everything went wrong. I was starting a new degree after giving up on music and felt like I was failing miserably. I thought about how I left my mom in the motherland to pursue my muse. And now, my muse has left me. It all felt like a cycle of regret, betrayal, and heartbreak.”

Nate said of the video: “Bao Ngo, the director (Squirrel Flower, Mitski), and I chose a disembodied mannequin hand to symbolize isolation and severed belonging. The hand represents nurture, care, and labor. It corresponds with the astrological archetype of Cancer the Crab and the Mother Moon. In contrast, the fake hand emits a strangeness and stiffness that can never replace the care of the true mother. We were inspired both by surrealism and Wong Kar Wai films.”

Artist first. Musician first. The former outliers of his own life, has matured into a vision, built on heartaches, tears, and challenges. But Nate knew, deep within him, that his route to fulfillment was truth. And through all of the perceived ‘irresponsibilities’, the man from Jakarta (based in Brooklyn) disguises struggles of familial and communal bonds via melancholic dream pop ballads – blossoming and now accepting what he had to do.

About the LP, ‘Elementary Love’, Nate added: “I grew up facing bullies in school under the iron fists of collectivistic, fear-based religious programming. In defiance, I aspired to be a queer, whispery version of Karen Carpenter when I grow up. Her cathartic honesty about struggling to fit in kept me alive. I want to make music that helps people get through their shit – breakups, oppressive self-talk, dull routines. Music that makes you feel a little less alone.”

The album is a flight of dreams and situations now better understood. About him, his life, his family, and his fiber of existence on this crust of earth and memories.

Understand more about Nate and his quest, now.

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📱❤️ meditation on scroll envy 📱❤️ • if you were single, chances are a part of you felt like crap when you scrolled through everyone’s cute v-day posts. if you were coupled, deep down you probably felt like you didn’t measure up to the picture perfect version that everybody was serving up. if you were in a non-traditional arrangement, a tiny voice inside probably reminded you that you weren’t invited to the party. to me, moments like these show me where i’m still lacking compassion and deep love for myself. and rather than going deeper into blaming yourself for not loving yourself enough (such a thing exists, believe me), perhaps we can envision what radical self love looks like for us today. it doesn’t have to be grand, but what act of self love or self care align with us today? perhaps deleting instagram temporarily right around v-day? or opting for a nice, warm bath or a daydreaming session surrounded by your soft pillows rather than getting lost in the endless maze of our screens? now radicalize that idea even further. what if we show up like that for ourselves every day? if a 10 minute meditation seems too ambitious, consider taking 30 secs during your commute to ask yourself – what do you need to show yourself some love and compassion today? in what ways do you self-sabotage you own fulfillment? how would our world shift if you then courageously act on it: give love, release shame, or simply show up to your own existence? • {special thanks to @theemmaexperience for capturing this beautiful late autumn night in chinatown}

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