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Nate Qi // Joe Robinson // Selma & Gustaf // Kasador // Noah Kahan

Matt Jumper

Nate Qi – A Hundred Reasons

Off of his latest album ‘Elementary Love’, Brooklyn based singer/songwriter NATE QI forms ballads of dance and whimsy through his songs. At the tip of your tongue, with flittering wisps, dangling at the strings of life, you beckon towards Nate’s shimmer. As Nate put it: “I worked with a couple producers, but it was challenging to find someone who could translate my sonic visions into reality. In that frustration, I distinctly remember watching an interview with Claire Boucher of Grimes about producing her own tracks and I instantly knew this was a journey I must take alone.” A love is but a love, but a love that is nurtured, it becomes your world. We think that’s a part of what NATE QI offers us in his latest album.

Joe Robinson – Mindless

JOE ROBINSON is a guitarist with the mostest. The Nashville based artist makes blues-pop with the aim of making you feelz like you’d not felt prior. His extensive resume from contests, professional concerts, and gigs all around the world, the 27 year old phenom has seen things and done things that most of us can only imagine. But Joe, being Joe, takes all of those experiences and makes it funnel beautifully towards his exquisite guitar playing and emotional songs. What a concept right? Dig him, and his music.

Selma & Gustaf – Sinking Stone

Shimmering and supportive, the vocals in SELMA & GUSTAF’s single ‘Sinking Stone’ talks to us to say that you are who you are, and there’s nothing you can intrinsically do about it. What you can do to progress, is first accept that premise, then you can work from that knowledge to shape your new future. One minute from now, 1 hour from then, 1 year from that notion of change for promise and equity within. A positive outtake that speaks well for anyone to share and absorb. See them if you’re in Malmö Sweden, April 4th at Inkonst.

Kasador – Brood & Bloom

Alt-rock band KASADOR comes at us with ‘Brood & Bloom’. And with a 90’s indie-grunge rock tinged by alt-country licks, the single broods as it seeks out new paths of possibilities. The Ontario Canada originating band is all about live shows and they are appreciative for all of the grind that they have been through to get to deliver the kinds of songs that they deem experiential. High-energy undertones are evident in this single, as the drive to get to that place of solace, warrants your attention.

Noah Kahan – Mess

Noah’s a person of simple needs sometimes. And as pragmatic he seems to be, he’s truly very romantic about where he’d started, been, and going. One part of that journey was with his puppies during times of stress and confusion. Now with a new trajectory in his career, he thanks those episodes with a kindness that we can learn from. “I was really overwhelmed with a lot of the stuff going on in my life,” NOAH KAHAN remembered. “I was super happy, but it was a lot to process. So, I went home from the studio for a bit. I relaxed and started writing. In doing so, I came up with this cool idea about actually going home and what that means. I’m wondering if I should go home and leave everything behind. Would it bring me more happiness? Would I be able to connect with others?.” Ultra popular single goes on and stamps new voyages along Noah’s life.


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