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Nate Smith Shares ‘A Girl Named America’. Let’s Absorb. Then, Let’s Work Hard.

L.A. songwriter, NATE SMITH take a formidable look into the look of what the country is like, by describing the outlook of what’s been happening in the current political landscape. The concerns are common, and in unity with any person, father, brother, companion, friend would think about when coming to terms with reality. However, being common and prevalent in thought, doesn’t mean it’s any less important or thought provoking.

We all rant and discuss.

We all become concerned when pushed up against the wall.

We all worry about the future prospects, of our future generations.

There are no easy answers, or predictions that can be made.

However there’s only one thing that can be done, which is to ‘do the best we can’ and look for the facts in life. Coupled with working hard (as always), we all can come out of it, relatively in good form.

Yes. It’s a positive way of thinking, but that’s the only direction we can take. Let’s not sulk and let’s absorb what’s happening (just like Nate has done) and push forward, and the the WORK.

Let’s do this.

‘A Girl Named America’ is the first single off of the upcoming album ‘Some Kind Of Dancing’ which drops September 28th.




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