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Nathan Grey // Archi & Pelago // PNK FME // Kim Harris // JONAH

Nathan Grey – Wild

“I wrote this at a point in my life when I was feeling incredibly unsure of myself and many of my friends were feeling the same way,” said Nathan Grey. “We needed to escape the pressure of society and just be wild and free for a moment to regain perspective. Night drives, camping trips, walking next to the ocean, I want Wild to be a song that can symbolize this sense of escape and freedom even when we can’t step away from life.” Line of this and that – a line that is thin and sometimes incomprehensible – appears throughout the nation states of our hearts, going to war at times, without a care. ‘Wild’ is the vibe that comes along with that heavy burden of emotions that are indescribable, but undeniably with us, at every step. A mistake of being alive in this reality? A darkening that shouldn’t have taken place? “Electro-pop with a mix of alt rock and a dramatic touch. I’ve always leaned towards darker music, I feel like it portrays the world in a more realistic light but there’s always some hope and lightness woven in. Let’s dance, cry, and have those late-night talks we’re all craving.” The single mixes elements of past decades with decadent pleasure, spreading the goodness, like flower fragrances and unique petals of sacred colors. It’s glitter for your soul.

Archi & Pelago – Rockefeller

The track was born out of a Paul Simon-inspired jam in the Swedish archipelago and is a song about living above your means. Stockholm originating trio of pop-rock excellence are Oskar, Joakim and Magnus and they have something to add to this world of music. The 3 childhood friends came together in a garage packed with instruments and a bad air-conditioner to get to this point of selection and springboard for greatness. Archi & Pelago caught waves online with their debut track ‘Groundhog Day’ which was featured in a global GoPro campaign and the popular American TV show ‘Shameless’ in 2018. After receiving a prestigious Denniz Pop Award for their debut single Groundhog Day the band Archi & Pelago were off to a great start. The track was early on featured in a global GoPro online campaign that reached over 1 million followers and airplayed by over 10 different American college radio stations. It was also aired in one of the episodes of the popular american TV show ‘Shameless’ on Showtime. What a way to start and continue on, eh? Word.

PNK FME – Not Okay

Adelaide producer and singer-songwriter, PNK FME returns with ‘Not Okay’. PNK FME’s mature and contemplative nature, delves deep into the human condition, as an individual wrestles with their mind’s ominous musings. Wrestling with the utter crissalis of life is where PNK FME delivers in his dark and wary vocal habits. From that point of contention, layers of institutions cast moments of moments; tangled in the weave of torment and ecstasy – dowse down the unlimited expectations of self and of without. From initial pomp and circumstances, ‘Not Okay’ radicalizes the pains of the heart, in deep reds and regretting blacks. The drapery of sentiments turn with every twist, and never seems to let go. That’s the plan. Listen to PNK FME and you’ll get in with all that is required. Join PNK FME @ EMC LIVE 2019 The Lansdowne (Sydney) on November 13th.

Kim Harris – Once You Were Wondrous

“In ‘Once You Were Wondrous’, I’m in conversation with myself,” said Kim Harris. “The verses are my corporeal self, who is realizing how much of her own electric current she has lost over time,” Harris explains. “The chorus is my higher self, in the ether, coming back into my life dramatically, to advise me. She reminds me that I am ‘mountain-hearted,’ and that I can ‘bend the light’ in an underwater dreamscape; all of that power has been in me, lying in wait. In the second verse, I ask for something more to keep me here in the world, physically and spiritually, and I mean it. Once You Were Wondrous is the internal dialogue of an intentional regeneration of spirit, a process I frequently circle back to”. Material existentialism bursts in to spectrums as Kim sings. A vibrant oozing of virtual exuberance, timid at first but determined by the end, the soaringly inspired anthem of decadence, reveals the confusion for what we call on our whims to settle. Thrown bricks of doubt, the confidence of one’s self and pillars to the individual strength, Kim sings her own ballad for the love for what we have for ourselves. Just need to find that turn of events, to watch, to absorb, to accept – to decide that you’re worth it all. The anticipated new full-length album from Kim Harris is set to arrive in early 2020. See Kim next @ National Arts Centre / Centre national des Arts on March 12th, in Ottawa.

JONAH – Husk My Love

“What if today is the last day you spend with the one you love the most and then your soulmate disappears?” JONAH are a musical duo comprised of musicians Angelo Mammone and Christian Steenken. Angelo vocalizes touching narratives through haunting tonality, while spherical guitar elements, driving drums and undeniably catchy tunes allow for stays in your head for a long time after you’ve listened to it and melancholy creates beautiful pictures. The music video for “Husk My Love” shows a young couple on an emotional trip through the Berlin countryside, filmed on one of the last summer days. Mammone, who directed the video, was accompanied by filmmaker Bastian Kempf, where they took their road trip through the fields, woods and lakes. Berlin based duo makes it a habit of appearing with faithful excellence in songs like ‘Husk My Love’. Questions billow in the passions that get in the way of clarity and decisiveness. But love will conquer, no matter the fog of war, that exists. One, two, together, all of the pains of the world, subsides in trembling warmth of each embrace.


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