Nathan Kalish ‘Delta Woman’ : American culture, here and all things personal.

Nathan Kalish / Photo: Sanne Kanste

With his 10th album, ‘Songs for Nobody’ (out now), it shows you a secret world via Kalish’s unique outsider perspective. Through his cutting and intimate lyrics, he transports listeners to the passenger seat of his touring van, to a phone call with a loved one and behind the lens of a magnifying glass aimed at the darker shades of American culture.

The LP is filled with heart-wrenchingly honest and reflective songs that leave a lasting mark. An examination of America’s culture of greed is ‘No Hope’. Whilst, ‘Pam & Tim’ continues that spotlight on the challenges small-town Americans face.

‘Delta Woman’ was born from a chance visit to a friend’s apartment in Stockholm, where he got to explore their vast collection of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash memorabilia. Among the items were a handwritten set of unfinished lyrics from Cash. He took what Cash had started and completed the song in his own style, creating a connection that reaches beyond time and place.

Nathan’s committed relationship with the road is one that still has many more miles to go. He’s certain.

Look for even more of Nathan, in 2020.


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