Nathan Rodd ‘Slowly’ : Pain, anger, and acceptance are wrapped in a brightness.

Nathan Rodd

‘Slowly’ describes three stages of dealing with heartbreak with an optimistic and positive outlook. Pain, anger, and acceptance are wrapped in a bright, almost naive melody, surprising harmonic changes, and a tight band production. It Ponders on matters that are universally relevant from a personal and sensitive point of view and accompany a process of finding a connection to the happiness and peace within.

Nathan is incredibly invested in the process of consolidating his sound and writing new songs and spends much of his time in the studio, in addition to performing.

In May 2020 Nathan successfully released Evelyn, the first single from his upcoming debut EP – Slowly. Since its release, Evelyn has been receiving excited and supporting responses from both audience and reviewers.

‘Slowly’ is the 2nd single and the theme song from Nathan Rodd’s upcoming debut album.


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