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Natixx // Kydus x Camden Cox // Drop Lone // Jay Sure // Ethan Wilson

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Natixx – Harmony

German DJ and Producer duo Natixx are back with their latest single ‘Harmony’ which can only be described as a serious club track. This track is exquisitely produced with great detail in both the drop and break and has the capability to transcend you into a state of abundance. ‘Harmony’ becomes more interesting.

Kydus x Camden Cox – Destiny

‘Destiny’ is a sultry collaboration with the London based singer Camden Cox and producer Kydus. The single features shimmering synths set against a classic house beat. Kydus has released on some of the world’s most revered labels including Circus, Toolroom, Saved and Knee Deep in Sound and has launched his own label, Kinetic. Camden Cox is an emerging voice from London’s influential electronic music scene, having written or already been featured on tracks with Friend Within, Jaded, George Kwali, Digital Farm Animals, Alex Adair, Kideko, and Just Kiddin’.

Drop Lone – Take Me Down

Drop Lone is the result of one of these predestined encounters between two artists who are just waiting to join forces to express themselves better. Baptiste and Samuel cultivates moods and shine through sonic endeavors. Dance of the ethereal, persists in ‘Take Me Down’. A mercurial exercise of personal nomenclature, contained in an aesthetically gray and neon.

Jay Sure – Busy Mornings

“This track is about waking up early morning, rushing yourself into the city to get busy with work, school, gym or whatever drives your week,” said Jay Sure. “The trumpets in the song give you that chaotic city vibe. However, the piano throughout the song gives you that bubble you can hide yourself into, which gives peace and quietness in the chaos. I try to let the chaos and peace interact with each other throughout the song to emphasize the contradiction of the city. The city which is my reference is Amsterdam.” Nuff said, yo. Delicate and penetrating, the prerequisite to enjoy this for chiming fervor is value ridden.

Ethan Wilson – Tempered Roses

Off of ‘Falling Down The Penrose Steps’, Ethan Wilson, delivers with a complex, simplicity of subtlety and vascular iridescence in ‘Tempered Roses’. The Texas based producer, conjures up discussions (in vibes) about the weather, emotions, temperature, relationships, impulse, thoughts on thoughts, and premises; culminating in how it all fits together. Well, at least that’s what we feel from this single. Your own emotional and satisfying ride awaits on his latest LP, available now.


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