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Nature: Killer whales team up in death chase.

Minke whales are the second to last, smallest of the “Baleen” type whales in the world. It’s under the Baleen category, because it has baleen, which is a “filter-feeder system” inside the mouths of baleen whales (just like the Bowhead Whales we hear much of in the public).

Whales breathe air and uses lungs (just like us humans), to extract oxygen from the air in order to keep the body functioning.

Killer whales are whales as well, but is under the “toothed whale” category. Unlike the Minke, a baleen type whale, the killer whale (orca) has teeth inside its jaws and has a more diverse array of diet.

Here, a moment in a hunting sequence of a Killer Whale pack, is captured. Their target is a separated Minke whale. The Killer Whale pack corrals the Minke for more than 2 hours, in the effort to tire their prey. At the end, there is not enough energy remaining and the Minke is torn apart, bit by bit.

The documentary is artfully done, as always, by BBC Earth and narrated by none other than David Attenborough.


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