Nature Of ‘Behave’ : Cascade of sounds, shine with melancholic utterances.

Nature Of

“‘Behave’ is about letting go of the past and learning to forgive yourself,” said Nature Of vocalist Steven Schneider. “The older I get, the more I collect, good and bad. I know some of the things I carry need to be sent on their way in order to be the person I want to be.”

But that’s impossible in a sense. The vault to collection syncs automatically, and it never relents. It’s just a matter of management and self acceptance of what that overflow will be.

By the end of our life, our lives, our desires.

Made of Steve, Cole Switzer, Kyla Rankine and Cam O’Neill, ‘Behave’ is a slice of thought, where in perhaps your silent loneliness, glimpses for a glance at what the future will be. You heart wants another pasture to roam, but in this world, we’re most of the time, stuck in the place we’d been accustomed.

Nature Of’s beautiful cascade of sounds, shine with melancholic utterances.

‘Behave’ is off of their lovely EP ‘Tiffany’ (out now). It’s a completeness of vibes that delight as you’d want to dance to the groovy jazziness that inevitably makes you feel guilty with that pang of satisfaction.


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