NAVA ‘Skin’ : Diving in, head-first, into the mist of a new encounter.


Nava Golchini is an Iranian singer & songwriter now based in Milan. In 2016 Nava met producer and arranger Francesco Fugazza whilst studying music in Italy. Later on Elia Pastori and Marco Fugazza came on board, to form the music project called NAVA.

In all the four tracks of the EP ‘Sarabe’ sees NAVA explore the darker subjects of human nature. The fundamental theme that runs throughout the record is the unknown limbo you find yourself diving in, head-first, into the mist of a new encounter.

Said the enigmatic artist: ”It can be magical, mystical and magnetic, yet in a split second it can all crash and burn and all you’re left with is ash. Basically, risk living in an illusion that could go either way.”

A comfort of norms, float out of the vocals of ‘Hold’. A meaning of invigoration, slathered on the feathery lyrics and draped in poetry, safely holds us onto the guard rails of possibilities and ruminations.

All finely tethered to the chorus of infection and contemplation.


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