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Nazar Drago // Philip La Rosa // Elodie Rêverie // Madou // Auragraph

Nazar Drago – Tell me

NAZAR DRAGO keeps it simple and classic in ‘Tell Me’ as the dance track drives at the core of what’s to be and where the love of a life-time will likely bloom. While the house beats thump at your heels, the sprinkles of empathy and warmth, exudes throughout via the vocals. Nazar is based out of Ukraine and keeps his fans dancing through the night.

Philip La Rosa – Fable

“I take a life event and write about it, workshop it and try and bring a message out of it if I can,” said PHILIP LA ROSA. “I just love the idea that someone can listen to a song and relate, and I aim to do just that. I think it helps people understand they’re not alone on this massive planet.” Just like that alien in the music video, when truth and love talks in our primitive methods of making beautiful music, the Universe can feel it. ‘Fable’ is the subject for Philip’s way of looking at self-reflection in work, romance, and general honesty in music. The bouncy synths kick the song off as it sustains interest and lore.

Elodie Rêverie – Rêverie

Elodie Rêverie is special. The 26 year old producer and vocalist, takes all of the best in electronic music and makes it his own. In ‘Rêverie’, classical music tendencies mix seamlessly with the modern and contemporary. This anthemic salute to the sublime and creativity, excels as it traverses into the dawn of time and space. The Brooklyn native is set to release her first EP in June of 2019. And on that date, we’ll be able to hear her full score of her skillz for the year 3054.

Madou – Odo Island

MADOU’s first single is ‘Odo Island’ (named after the island Godzilla first made landfall on in the 1950s films). The single combines trance etiquettes with the beats that take you ever so higher. As well, the single is the maiden release for newly formed NeedWant Label. What a time in the Begium based digital beat purveyor. 2019, from the sound of this beautifully classic sounding single, will be one to remember. MADOU’s maxim of “no genres, no expectations, no strings attached” keeps the fires burning, lighting the way.

Auragraph – Polywave

AURAGRAPH’s single ‘Polywave’ is a synth-drum extravaganza. The retro feel of it all makes the journey through that jungle of confusion, well worth the time. The project is an experimental exercise in synth based musical embolisms. AURAGRAPH is Hector Carlos Ramirez’ weapon of love and emotions, as the kelidoscope of shimmer, keeps raining down on our emblematic senses for truth, honor, and sonic ecstasy. ‘Polywave’ has garnered much deserved accolades, premiereing on Flood Magazine, featured on Bandcamp’s homepage, with radio and others agreeing with the deliciousness of the track.


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