Ned Moss ‘Meant For Me’ : Edges of the lyrics, the folk framed enchantment.

Ned Moss

“I wrote the song the on mental health awareness day earlier this year so that acts as the theme of the song,” said Ned Moss. “It plays on the idea of dealing with mental health and aspects of it that lots of people suffer from, using both personal experience and other peoples experiences to create the structure and flow of Meant For Me.”

A forever optimist, and a man with ambitions he’d added: “2019 was the start of my songwriting and now 2020 is holding some very exciting things to come. Loads of new music, headline shows and much much more, can’t wait to share it all with you.”

A Taylor-like vibrance, at the edges of the lyrics, the folk framed enchantment, is delightfully fulfilled with jazzy guitar riffs, kissed by the sun and the warming sentiments.



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