NEEDS Share ‘Everybody Makes Me Steaks’. Ridiculous Premise, On Top Of Fabulous Roars. Yum.

It’s a metaphor. We’re sure. Kinda. But NEEDS’ single ‘Everybody Makes Me Steaks’ does have the word ‘Steaks’ in it. And kinda talks about it in the song. But it’s more powerful than that. Couple it with the band’s interpretive, rock solid instrumentation and hard-rock endeavors, the song shouts: “What the heck you talking about? Steaks? It’s about possession and being greedy.”

Is it though?

Who the heck knows! We give up.

But we didn’t give up on this amped up song of kick-ass pimpin’ (sorry). It’s a fabulous tune, good for waking you up from the day to day, and kicking out the cobwebs in your heart of hearts.

‘Everybody Makes Me Steaks’ is off of their 2nd album ‘Limitations’ due to drop June 22nd.

Yes. They have idealized thoughts and views on life, put into their songs. But that’s not the glory of it. The sonic experience is good enough and tall enough to slap some sense into you.

Kudos, as we say at CHF. Kudos.


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