NEEDSHES ‘Don’t Make Me Cry’ : A prevailing refreshment of mind and soul. Flowers into something fabulous.


With animated figures and colorful textures, the band puts the audience in a trance. Spoiler alarm: Have you ever seen a business lion, a lady with a cow head and an astronaut running on a flared planet? See for yourself what pure anarchy looks like! The video turns the tension in the song into straight-up satire.

The song deals with the perception of the controversial human world, values which can be often misleading and disruptive, willingness to be alive and free amidst the chaos.

From the beat production to the grizzled roar of the underpinning subject, at hand, is the effervescent and danceable execution in alt-pop goodness. A prevailing refreshment of mind and soul, the combination in genres and attitude, flower into something fabulous.

NEEDSHES is an alt/rock band founded by Tashkent-born singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Otabek Salamov. His biggest influences stemmed from The Killers, Jack White, James Brown, David Bowie, Queen, RHCP, U2, a-ha, Coldplay, Nirvana.

The band consists of Otabek, Ivan Petukhov, and Alexey Manakhov.

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Alternative(rock, trap, soul) new song with Music Video! “Don’t Make Me Cry” showcase the extreme animation fantasy of the band's frontman Otabek Salamov. Watch full on YouTube, link in Bio. _____ Альтернатива (рок, трэп, соул). Сегодня вышла песня Don't Make Me Cry с анимационным видео, демонстрирующим экстремальную фантазию фронтмена Отабека Саламова. Смотрите на ютубе – ссылка есть в профиле. Если хотите научиться делать что-то подобное, ребята из @tseh308 вам помогут😉 . . . . . #animatedmusicvideo #musicvideo #videopremiere #newmusicalert #indiemusic #rockmusic #trap #soul #orchestral #experimentalmusic #newrock #modernrock #rocksong

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🏠 Enjoy, and please stay safe and healthy! Also available on YouTube. 🎸Guitar @vanpetukhov / drums @aamandrum / vocals, Persian tar, bass, keys – Otabek Salamov. ____ Лайв из дома на песню LOVE! Записали 👉🏻 выложили 👉🏻 Как вам? 🎸 Гитара @vanpetukhov / ударные @aamandrum / вокал, персидский тар, бас, клавиши – Отабек Саламов . . . . . Hey guys @IMAbuzz check out our SONG performed LIVE from home! 🏡 Would love if you can share it with the world! Also tagged you on FB⚡️we’re IMA nominee. . . #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy #stayathomechallenge #imstayinghome #homelive #livevideo #покавседома #needshes #лучшедома #safehome #homegig #homelive #Homelivevideo #homeconcert #liveshow #liveperformance #artistathome #IMAawards #IMAbuzz

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