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NEEDSHES ‘Unbelievable’ : Electronics with nostalgic and the futuristic.

Dance, dance, dance.


NEEDSHES is an alt/rock band founded by Tashkent-born singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Otabek Salamov. His biggest influences stemmed from The Killers, Jack White, James Brown, David Bowie, Queen, RHCP, U2, a-ha, Coldplay, Nirvana.

‘Unbelievable’ is an introspective part of the release. Gentle soulful sound, the song carries a sense of admiration for the perfect image of the beloved. We’ll surprisingly find hard to resist disco dance floor on the second verse, while the chorus brings us the fragile emotion as if something beautiful is vanishing into thin air. Deeply influenced by the masterpiece ‘Random Access Memories’, it sounds both nostalgic and futuristic with slight electronic shades.

The scintillatingly entertaining vibes is what the band does, and does often.

The band consists of Otabek Salamov, Ivan Petukhov, and Alexey Manakhov and their work will be included in a Lay’s campaign for all to enjoy.

It’s been a big momentum year for Needshes, and we’re all for it to bits.

Let’s dance.



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