NEEKOH ‘dead city’ (Video) : If you have love, then that should be the starting point.


Off of the upcoming EP, ‘Dark Light’, New Zealand based Finnish artist, NEEKOH (Niko Helenius), brings up sentimental fire in ‘dead city’.

After moving to New Zealand the artist, shows his powerful methods of rhythm and spark, through touches of angst and brooding class. The pop-artist aims to visually intrigue in the style of majesty and very personal emotional altitudes.

Said NEEKOH of ‘dead city’: “It was dark and quiet back in the hotel room in Belgium. My partner was passed out on the bed. I thought to myself how did I end up in this situation? I had so much love to give, yet loneliness burnt my insides. I found myself in a loveless relationship. Blinded by the shining lights, searching for the passion, craving for life.”

Life is but a trek, within many. It’s hard, perplexing, and frustrating at times. If you have love, then that should be the starting point.

The former Finland’s Pop Idol finalist, pushes further in his craft.


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