NEEV ‘This Dream’ : Decadent of breaths, internal and vacuous, staring deep into a sullen sky

NEEV / Photo: Henry Adrien

From Portugal comes NEEV. And in ‘This Dream’ comes acoustic subtleties. Burning desires, only expressed in the most private of ways, the song invokes tattle tale secrets of love and ambitions, never told, but wanting it to be of others, too. It is a reminder of a song, decadent of breaths, internal and vacuous, staring deep into a sullen sky, then looking for a way to connect with the one true love. Eternally.

NEEV came to fame in 2016 as the featured vocalist on Seeb’s debut single ‘Breathe’. Later NEEV debuted with his ‘Calling Out’ solo effort. His sophomore single ‘Lie You Love It’ followed in October 2019.

NEEV draws its inspiration from the register of artists such as Ásgeir, Bon Iver or Sufjan Stevens. He also asserts his Portuguese origins. An integral part of his personality, his Lusitanian heritage shapes the colors that shape his universe and his musical identity.

Offering more and more glittering emotions, NEEV is content at the somber but optimistic timbre of ‘This Dream’. A cornerstone of trust and honesty, is where his music sings.

And when NEEV sings, a part of his fabric is there for all to touch and admire.

His latest EP ‘It Is What It Is’, is available now.


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