Nehoda ‘Dear Mr. President’ : Distinct envelopment of observation and expressions in humanity


Written walking around the war memorials in D.C., Nehoda’s distinct envelopment of observation and expressions in humanity, bubble over this gracefully produced single ‘Dear Mr. President’.

Nehoda is a 3 piece rock and roll band in Nashville, Tennessee and comprised of Grayson Papa, Jeremy Gill, and Patrick Nehoda. Grunge, folk rock and alternative, the popping depth in lyrical exercises shimmer like the traditions of Nirvana, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, bits of Interpol, White Stripes, Black Keys, The Shins.

Patrick Nehoda’s infatuation with music started at a young age. Patrick started numerous rock bands (including Tuco & Blondie). But as Patrick’s musical influences began to grow (Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson), so did his life. Patrick would work as a paramedic and firefighter, a courageous family tagged with the responsibility of bravery and courage.

With life and death staring him in the face on a daily basis, Patrick Nehoda realized he had a more personal story to share. To hear that story, look for ‘Don’t Forget the Hat’, the debut album by Patrick Nehoda.


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