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Neighbor Lady Shares iPhone Made Video For Single ‘Oh Honey’. New Album Drops May 11.

Emily is boss. The band is boss. So, like a boss, why not use the one device that is attached to our daily lives to make the next music video for ‘Oh Honey’. And the cuteness and novelty is tremendous. The single comes at a momentous time for the band, where on May 11th, their debut album will drop. And then we at CHF will catch it with our earnest, for we’d become fans since our first exposure to the quartet.

Neighbor Lady is rep’ed by Friendship Fever.

Mix together indie-pop, indie-folk, and country western, then you have us in somewhat of a happiness tizzy. And Neighbor Lady, it seems, they knew what our CHF weakness really was. How dare they?! Oh well. No matter what, there’s no denying the new LP ‘Maybe Later’ will be one to look out for. It’s filled with songs that are exactly up our country-alley, and fab music sensibilities.

Yep. You heard it.

The band consists of: Emily Braden – Vocals/Guitars, Merideth Hanscom – Bass (Semicircle, Party Favor), Jack Blauvelt – Guitar/Keys (Dana Swimmer, Chief Scout), and Andrew McFarland Drums/Vocals (Reptar, Semicircle, Co Co Ri Co).

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