Neighborhood Goliath ‘Treason’ : So let’s smile, and enjoy, this one stepping stone to greater.

Neighborhood Goliath

Conceived and completed over 6 weeks during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020, ‘Your Fears Will Not Be Soothed’ is the new extended play release from Neighborhood Goliath. Narrative of self-destructive tendencies, pushing against self-reflective honesty during a time of global panic and quarantine, is a deep dive into a facet of an artist, a life, and of an impending future.

Singer/songwriter Trevor Dion Nicholas collaborates with – new to the project – musician Chavis Flagg, whose luxurious guitar work adds a cutting edge flair to these new songs from the band.

‘Treason’ continues that trend as it brings calm and reflection into the middle of the album, tantalizingly collecting deep breaths of thoughts and reason, for the next great step to come. The charming attitude and suggestions give confidence for our own futures, inherently embedded.

So let’s smile, and enjoy, this one stepping stone to greater.


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