Neighbours Burning Neighbours ‘Grace’ : “Every opinion is worth exploring, it helps us find new perspectives”.

Unfazed. Lazer determined.

Neighbours Burning Neighbours

‘Grace’ is the first official single from Neighbours Burning Neighbours. The single is part of a 7″ vinyl that will be released in January 2020.

How exciting, yo.

But getting back to the burning desire of this song. It successfully acquaints you to the slight measures of ambiguity, with the slack guitar licks and manicured juxtapositions of the manic vocals. The portrayal is slanderous, while its raunchy vibes, gather your inner strengths of secret constitutions, ever boastful and ever demanding.

‘Grace’ marks the first studio recording by the quartet, who previously released two independent live sessions ( ‘Hesitate’ and ‘Lunar Hair Care’)

Rotterdam-based quartet Neighbours Burning Neighbours is unfazed by chaos. In fact, the band’s music could be considered something of a safe space for the more chaotic skirmishes and impulses; a formidable, malformed brand of noise-pop that pierces through the void, achieving joyous harmony within even the starkest of discord.

“When we write music together the four of us collectively discuss what’s going on,” Alicia Breton Ferrer clarified. “And though our opinions tend to differ on certain matters, our conviction is that it can all coexist within the same space. I noticed there’s a very conversational element to our music.”

Drummer Aram Scheeve added: “Every opinion is worth exploring, it helps us find new perspectives.”

Kudos and divine.

NBN is Alicia Breton Ferrer (guitar & vocals), Aram Scheeve (drums), Bart Kalkman (bass guitar), and Daanie van den IJssel (guitar & vocals).

See them next @ MENT Ljubljana_____FESTIVAL 2020, Ljubljana, Slovenia February 5th.



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