NEIL PEART. Legendary And Most Respected Drummer of RUSH, Dies at 67.

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Neil Peart’s family officially announced on January 10th that the legendary drummer for rock band RUSH, had passed away at 67 years. The drummer and lyricist leaves behind him a discography that is as long and respected, both for their complexities and revival gush of originality. More importantly he leaves droves of multi generational fans for his elite drumming skills, deft song writing talents, and for his wise philosophical beliefs.

The cause of his pre-mature death had been brain cancer, which he’d been battling for several years.

His family announced that he’d died on January 7th.

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Neil Peart September 12, 1952 – January 7, 2020

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Neil had originally joined RUSH back in 1974, and gained his footing with his first contributions with their LP ‘Fly By Night’. The album featured now, classic rock songs like ‘Anthem’ and the title track, ‘Fly By Night’.

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Helping to take RUSH’s lyrical identity to different directions, at the start the resistence from the band’s fans of their non-Peart days were harsh. With criticisms for songs within ‘Fly By Night’, there were initial challenges the band had to overcome.

However, by the 2nd album, arguably, the dynamic of the band’s fan base had expanded, while also changing into something that was wholly different and most progressive in the rock world.

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Rest in peace, my brother. ūüíĒ

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