Nell Widmer ‘The Launch’ : Navigates beautifully in an electronic musical universe of her choosing.

Visceral veneer of calm and ambivalence.

Nell Widmer

With an almost visceral veneer of calm and ambivalence, Nell Widmer casts dispersions for good and bad with songs like ‘The Launch’. It’s not intended, but her demeanor of vibes and hues, reflect with sharp tongued aspirations and nonchalance that visits your dreams and waits until you’re no more.

‘The Launch’ delivers with a gargantuan visage of feelz, as the vocal attentions of Nell, delivers in quite the sumptuous indignation.

The EDM romp is a fabulous offering with thumping productions and ultimate vibes of indefensible authority and whimsy.

Look for even more from this talented producer.

She was born in 2000, and the singer-songwriter and melodist navigates beautifully in an electronic musical universe of her choosing. The bass and rhythms, flood through the interpretive mind of this talented artist, and we get to go for a drive.

Nell Weidmer


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