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Neo-Soul Offering From Shannon Chapman ‘What You Do’. Beautiful Journey We Dream Of.

Shannon Chapman brings the 90’s hip-hop/R&B like it’s never left. And her biggest (so far) contribution is to make that sound, updated and so very delicious to listen to. The Toronto native released ‘What You Do’, and the jam is that time when you started kissing your lover in the neck, head starting to swirl, loving every second, and expectation of what could be the near future.

The delectable anticipation of the single is mandatory.

Chapman’s demure and sweet voice, frames the wonton energies of a passionate heating of the circumstances – bribing every cell in your body, to caress and to love. The urge is constant, and damning – in the eyes of the court-of-love, there’s no doubt – you are guilty of that hidden lust for truth.

The truth, may lie in Chapman’s single.

It’s a beautiful 3 minute journey, we quite enjoyed.

Exhilaration of that un-known journey – gets all of our blood pumping.


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