Neon Moon ‘Darlin’ : Unadorned poetry of the lyrics is arresting.

Neon Moon

‘Darlin’ is the latest single from Los Angeles-via-Nashville husband-and-wife duo Neon Moon. They’ve been covered previously at PopMatters, No Depression, Wide Open Country and more.

When Neon Moon wrote and recorded the song at Nashville’s Forty-One Fifteen studio with producer/bassist Taylor Bray (front-of-house engineer for chart-topping road dogs Dan + Shay), they’d been listening to a lot of Willie’s Roadhouse on SiriusXM, and were trying to tap into the essence of iconic country songs like “Crazy.”

Singer Noelle Bohannon said: “It was also inspired by the scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s where Audrey Hepburn plays ‘Moon River’ sitting on the fire escape—sweet and nostalgic.”

Noelle’s quivering vocals on the track are packed with genuine longing, and the way she delivers the stark, unadorned poetry of the lyrics is arresting, the melody brushed atop the canvas of a pensive nylon-string guitar that reads almost like a ukulele in some ‘60s exotica tune.

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Hey guys 👋 just checking in! How’s everyone doing? We’re feeling a little stir crazy but are thankful to get out and walk bowser a couple of times a day! We’ve been filling our days with TV and being on our phones way too much I’m sure, but we’re being easy on ourselves in light of everything. We’ve just watched the first season of Fargo and started the 2nd today, been slowly making our way back through all of the Tarantino flicks. We’ve also been playing lots of music and experimenting with home recording. We’ve been playing through lots of different covers trying to decide what to post (including y’all’s requests) but we haven’t loved how any of them are sounding 🙄 but we’ve been having fun either way! Hang in there y’all! 🧡

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