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Neon Tomorrow // Sunnbrella // Stone Blue Electric // Jota Lobo // Callisto

Neon Tomorrow – Bleed For Me

Industrial metal is the core of ‘Bleed For Me’, and driving with the constance of NEON TOMORROW, the boundless expanse of noise and rock, combine to flourish without norms. Buzzing, roaring, howling – the guitars and rhythms keep on aggressively as the tone of the lyrics whisper, in its own state of mind, the bitter and unknown future. “The song is an outlet for frustrations about demagogues and the sycophants that worship at their feet.” Never gets old, for they exist in this world, perpetually. Get to know Matthew’s voice of recompense for deeds yet revealed.

Sunnbrella – Nick Hornby

London based DIY/Bedroom-pop SUNNBRELLA is beautiful to listen to. Consisting of duo David Zbirka and Jesse Moitas, the shimmer of the guitars makes such a bright morning for our senses – even in the evening. The sunflowers of our minds, bloom with positivity, but with a pinch of healthy skepticism for the world that envelopes us. SUNNBRELLA’s ‘Nick Hornby’ is that key to that green plain of existence. The song is a twisted consumption of knowledge, unheard of, and unheralded. As we’d said, “Beautiful to listen to.”

Stone Blue Electric – Screaming at the disco

Sami Osala and Patrik Eriksson one day, after some fruitful demos and collab, went with developing this new band named STONE BLUE ELECTRIC. It was 2016 and the curious but fabulous mix of pop and rock entity emerged to entertain. And in its ‘Screaming At The Disco’ core, the band is succeeding like there’s no tomorrow, reverberating with infectious and savage chords. With 80’s hard-rock blends, accented with blues elements, the heightened splash is SBE. And when SBE comes at you with pop hooks and the hard core tattoo uproar, you begin to listen.

Jota Lobo – Dinosaur Jon

You can’t get away from that intro in ‘Dinosaur Jon’. The dynamic and driving synth, layered with the open top hi-hat work is delicious to every part of our being. The Chile based indie-rock band JOTA LOBO’s powerful single is a tune of exceptional power and glorious undertones in color. The mix comes at the behest of a psychedelia, that is modern and emphatic as a cinematic car chase. The ‘thriller’ aspect of the tune, relegates your consciousness and reduces your senses into a babbling cuss on that industrial dance floor. What a ride.

Callisto – Primitive Creature

Love song ‘Primitive Creature’ is not what you think a typical love song would be. But it is. Simple as that. With lyrics as buttery and delightful as it can be, the whole of the song feels like you’re a sunflower thanking the new day of sun and an expectation of the beautiful day ahead. With strategic mix of vinyl handling, and reggae-tastic elements, the single is just tasty. CALLISTO is made up of Rob DiNanno, Howi Spangler, Branden Hardesty as the core members, and with many other talented guest musicians, the reggae love you hear is from vets of the East Coast music scene. And as we’d mentioned, the end result is of ‘gold’. You really want to fall in love with a song like this. Well, at least hold the gal next to you a bit tighter. Beautiful.


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