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Neon Valley // Daniel Lerner // Ang Low // David Jeffrey Scoggins // Private Agenda

Neon Valley – Dancin’

It has been a long while since reacquainting ourselves with the gang in NEON VALLEY. We’d stated about them 10 months ago and said that NEON VALLEY was: “just getting started, and we’re so glad they are doing this for people with less than ample dancing skills.” We’re still bad at dancing, but glad NEON VALLEY is still fabulous making danceable music. Nu-disco deliciousness is where the outfit lives, and there’s nothing that can stand in their way. With subtle nuances (a la Daft Punk) and an insatiable hunger for their fans, things are just heating up. As always, looking forward to more from the band.

Daniel Lerner – Deus Ex Machina

A hope. A wish. A prayer. The culmination of desperation, the self reels in horror and shock. The situation wasn’t expected as it had opened. The war seemed over. The relationship was over. Or was it? DANIEL LERNER crosses over in between pop and folk, without pretense nor demands. He’s here to tell a story. Daniel stated: “A deus ex machina is a narrative device in classic literature. It describes the moment that the hero in a story is stuck in the worst possible scenario and it looks like the end for the hero. Then, by some stroke of luck, something divine or supernatural comes to save the hero. This is the deux ex machina – something inexplicable yet vital to someone’s survival – and this song is about when I needed a deus ex machina.

Ang Low – Long Walk

We’d called ANG LOW ‘a rascal’ in our previous review of ‘Get Together Baby’. We’ll now call him a ‘dissident’. Why? A strength of a well constructed and wealthy song, there is a gravitas that is inherent and easy to fathom. A rebel, a ‘dissident’ of norms and authoritarian powers, is where ‘Long Walk’ seems to preside itself. As the vibe of Stevie Wonder infects this particular single with an essence of its flow, ANG LOW, with his trademark oddity, makes it his own with dynamic salinity. Ang said of the song: “For my mom, who was in a abusive relationship, she found her power through the storm.” A ‘Long Walk’ indeed. And a walk from where many lesson can be taken into future accounts.

David Jeffrey Scoggins – I Need Something Else

“The solitary relevance is anchored by DJS’ vocals, as it clears the surface, with an understated calm of a storm. At the edge of explosion, he never pulls that trigger – waiting, serving, never under-estimating. He waits for you to meet you, in that exact calm of his storm.” That is what we’d said of DAVID JEFFREY SCOGGINS back in March. His deep and rhetorical summations in lyric, spin off with wild undulations, as the constance of his chord progressions keep the ship at level. It’s a contrast in visions that just makes things very interesting to dwell. ‘I Need Something Else’ is another addition to his list of songs that take the best traditions of the Beatles and conjures up some fabulous tones and hues for his own brand of music. Subtle and driving, DJS knows how to move you.

Private Agenda – Aura

Dreamy outfit, PRIVATE AGENDA, is your ticket to ride. To ride through that glorious pink cloud, onto a platform of beauty and chocolate covered palm trees. ‘Aura’ is the latest from the upcoming EP and it’s a track that is utterly romantic, sensual, seductive, and delicious. Infatuations builds as the chords co-mingle through this 80’s vibin’ quality of notes and emotions. Sean Phillips and Martin Aggrowe make up PRIVATE AGENDA. And as we’d written about them prior, we love their sensibilities as they are. ‘Île de Rêve’ is their latest EP.


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