Nervous City Nervous Self ‘Steel Blue Air’ : “In a kaleidoscope I saw us; two ancient stars, blown apart”

Nervous City Nervous Self

“‘Steel Blue Air’ is a story of two persons on a diverging path,” stated Nervous City Nervous Self. “United in darkness. We chase our fear. The inevitable betrayal from the one that survived. The guilt of abandoning. The guilt of living. As if it could ever be enough. To continue.”

Ripped into particles of mis-understandings, the shadows of our previous selves, strewn across the meadows of the heavy heart.

Mis-steps and regrets; missed opportunities. The anger of unintended consequences, diverge into the cross roads of another path – and decisions.

Will the moment be accepted. Will there be salvation, after all?

Sweden based David Josephson, opines in drips of reality, soaked in the vastness of our finality.

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