New Age Disco Boy Share New Single ‘Up The Wall’. No Disco At All. But Wall Banging Good Time.

New Age Disco Boys. What can we say about them that they say for themselves, so well? Ok, they are from Bergen, Norway. They are a self ascribed indie-rock band. They say Bergen is very rainy (we’ll take their word on that). And they just released their first single ‘Up The Wall’ off of their album ‘Smile For The Camera’ (drops May 4th).

And we love this sh*t.

Listen to the lyrics on this single. Slightly ironic. Very nihilistic. Empathetic, in a way. But all the way, very fun to listen to, and dance awkwardly by ourselves.

And we did.

The guitar work, contrasts from the growl of Morten Revheim makes it a trip to listen to.

If we were in college again, this would be the song to go far, on a Friday night, gathering at our dormitory, friends bringing drinks, playing video games until 8pm, then out the door to our favorite bar downtown.

Love it when songs make us think of random stuff.

Anywho, NADB’s been playing underground fro long while, doing their thing to ‘please the above-ground’, as they put it. The kind of humor comes through the song, and that makes it quite accessible and easy to like.

Let’s party, gang!

Play hard! Rock on! Stay dry, in Bergen.


NADB consists of: Morten Revheim, Andri Szarvas, Markus Slåttvik, Didrik Von Hanno Kjersem, and Knut Bjørke.


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