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New album by Mezzanine Swimmers. Some call it ‘ripper’. We call it ‘mesmerizing’.

We love projects. We love solo-projects. In a way, projects like this affords musicians to explore the ‘other’ facets of their expressions (not yet realized), or under-served. No wonder we like this kind of stuff.

Mezzanine Swimmers is the solo project of Mike Green and ‘Black Cat in Heat’ is his debut album.

Drums, rhythm, distortion, disguised angst: self exploration in what he wants to – nay – what he needs to get away with. It’s a delectable journey. And sometimes, it’s all about the journey. Don’t know where you’ll end up, but for sure, the ride was bumpy, unresolved, decadent.

The whole album is this way, and we’d recommend listening to it IN WHOLE.

It’s a trip.


The new album (a labor of love & talent) is available and ready for purchase [HERE]

Mezzanine Swimmers is rep’ed by the folks at Fire Talk Records.



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